graphic design for the exhibition - Objectology - Design and Art
leaflet for KAMS(Korea Arts Management Service)
4th Record & CD Fair In Seoul
corporate identity for CLAP
poster for the theater - A Family on the Road
brand identity for MILK LAB
poster for the symposium - Gaesong, the key city for the reunification of Korea
poster for Junglim Foundation - Screening Series #3 The Basement Satellite
poster and catalogs for 15th JIFF
poster for the theater - The Cosmonaut’s Last Message To The Woman He Once Loved In The Former Soviet Union
graphic design for the exhibition - NOBODY, SeMA GOLD 2014
2014 calendar for JTBC
brand identity for JTBC
identity for Jeonju International Film Festival
poster and catalog for Junglim Foundation - Junglim Architecture Awards 2013
2013 yearbook for SK Planet UX Office
poster for the theater - Hamlet
20 Year History of Kaywon School of Art and Design
brand identity for ROUND ABOUT and signage system for TONGUI-DONG HOUSE, one of the programs organized by ROUND ABOUT
brand identity for TNGT
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